Anthony Bouttell has been fascinated by photography and graphic arts since he was seventeen. Over the years he has explored them both and attempted to combine them in ways that allow him to fully express what he sees.

He is definitely not a photographic purist and describes his work as “photo-graphics”. With photography, the mere act of taking a picture has altered the image. Choosing the camera format, the film speed, aperture, type of lens, and a host of other parameters have all contributed to a unique vision of the subject. He has simply extended the creative process into the digital realm. His darkroom now exists inside a computer.

Anthony has worked in the field of computer networks, operating systems and software development for over thirty years and is equally as comfortable with the camera and the darkroom as he is with digital image software, stylus and scanner.

Anthony’s mission is to create works of art that provoke - to share his vision of the world around him.